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Rhapsody's Jake Blues
ASPC pending
Rhapsody's Elwood Blues
ASPC pending

Sire: Rhapsody's Custom Chrome

Dam of Jake Blues (widest blaze):
     No White III O.K.

Dam of Elwood Blues (narrow blaze):
     McCall's EJ Star Gazer

These yearling sorrel colts are half brothers, both sired by Custom Chrome. Both have face markings, flaxen manes & tails, no socks, dark hooves and dark eyes. They are just about the same size. We think they will mature around 44 inches.

Jake & Elwood are more alike than about any other set of brothers we have raised. They sell as a team.

PRICE: $1500.00 Each



Rhapsody's Ride The Wild Waves (Surfer)
NSPPR #500124

Sire: Baker Reeves, AQHA #5417838
Dam: Lad's Gypsy Dancer, ASPC #148850


Ride The Wild Waves, affectionately known by all as Surfer, is a sorrel frame Quarter Pony gelding. Foaled in 2015, Surfer's sire is our Quarter Horse stallion Baker Reeves. His dam is a large Shetland mare, Gypsy.


As a youngster, Surfer was shown as a National Sport Performance Pony, which is a division of the Shetland Pony Club for half Shetlands. While he did quite well in Walk-Trot and Pleasure Driving, his motor was always a bit too big for pleasure classes.



Surfer found his calling chasing calves, which he LOVES. His last two years have been spent mostly Team Roping and general ranch work.


Surfer is a talented heeling horse and has been in the money a number of times in local jackpots.  He also does a nice job at heading.  At 1000 pounds, he has enough weight to head and turn most calves.  He is very cowy and has lots of desire to work, but is quiet and well mannered in the roping box.  Back at the ranch, Surfer has been ponying young colts and dragging out logs for firewood.


At 13.2 to 13.3 hands, Surfer is the perfect size for high school rodeo and would make an excellent all around youth horse.  He is very well trained to ride.  He neck reins, responds to leg pressures, is accustomed to spurs and has all the usual “big horse” buttons.  That said, he is probably not for a very beginning rider as he has a big Quarter Horse motor with more Go than Whoa.  Surfer has many admirers among the local roping community.  Please ask for references if interested.


email Shari Harders at or

call George Harders at 641-344-9236
with questions.

PRICE: $15,000.00


King Cobra
King Cobra
King Cobra

Tibbs King Cobra
ASPC #164782   AMHR #327994B
Foundation Certified
2018 AMHR Halter Hall of Fame

Sire: McCarthy's Return of the King
Dam: Rhapsody's Surprise Edition


It is very difficult to offer Cobra for sale, but with a goal of reducting our numbers somewhat in 2024, here goes . . .

Bred by the Tibbs family, Cobra has a royal pedigree. Sired by the wonderful McCarthy's Return of the King and out of a Rudolph's Golden Comanche daugher, Rhapsody's Surprise Edition, Cobra's pedigree is a Who's Who in the ASPC/AMHR world.

Ten years old in 2024, Cobra is in his prime. He is an excellent pasture stallion. While kind to mares & foals, he seldom misses getting mares in foal. Sound in every way, Cobra has never been sick a day in his life. He is an easy keeper but not prone to getting too heavy either.

Professionally trained to drive by Mike Wahl, Cobra finished his show career in 2018, with an AMHR Halter Hall of Fame and quite a few Driving points as well.

Cobra has been a wonderful addition to our line up of breeding stallions, and we are keeping a number of his daughters for our herd. He has sired quite a number of black foals for us. He also excels at reducing white. If you have pinto or sabino mares that have more white than is desirable, Cobra almost always reduces the amount of white on resulting foals.

He has a lovely disposition and is easy to do anything with. Such a good boy and truly "The Whole Package".

PRICE: $4500.00



Rhapsody's Alter Ego
ASPC #168471   AMHR #337384B
Foundation Certified
DNA Parentage Qualified

Sire: Rhapsody's Impressive Heir
Dam: Royal Hearts A Fire

Pictured left is our 8 year old stallion, Alter Ego, also known as Lil Red. This picture was taken
2-25-2024 and he is still in full winter coat. He also has a luxuriously thick mane & tail.

Alter Ego was sired by our Fashion Heir son, Rhapsody's Impressive Heir and out of a lovely Royal Pony Farm mare. "Rock E" bloodline stallions crossed on Royal Pony Farm mares has been an excellent cross for us for years, especially for ASPC/AMHR horses.

Alter Ego has pasture bred a few of our ASPC/AMHR mares for the last few breeding seasons. He is good with mares & foals and we can guarantee him fertile.

We have decided to modify our program a bit and will be breeding for fewer AMHR size ponies, hence the reason he is for sale. He measures an honest 37 inches standing square for AMHR. Sound in every way, he's never had a sick day.

PRICE: $2500.00



Rhapsody's Hit The Jackpot
ASPC #173958
Foundation Certified

Sire: Rhapsody's Workin' For Cash
Dam: Rhapsody's Scarlet Lace

This handsome gelding we call Jack turned 2 years old in February. He is the first foal of our lovely frame broodmare Scarlet Lace. We measured him recently at the withers at 41 inches, standing square and with a long foot.

Jack is a sweet pony and takes new experiences mostly in stride; he tries to please. We think he would be a perfect kid pony. By "kid pony" we mean a pony that would be a great companion for a youth, not that he isn't fancy enough to go to a pony show !

Jack had an ulcer in his left eye as a foal and he does have a blue scar. As his left eye happens to be blue, it is not very noticeable and seems to cause him zero problems with vision. Working on some close-up photos.

PRICE: $1500.00 Firm



Clayburys Essence of Reign
ASPC #162217   AMHR #313934B
Foundation Certified

Sire: Rhapsody's Reign Man
Dam: JRM Golden Doll

Esse is a 35.5 inch ASPC/AMHR cremello broodmare. She will be 13 years old in 2024. Bred by Renee Bush of Claybury, Esse has several notable full siblings, including brother Clayburys Endeavor by Reign, whose service recently sold very well in the AMHR Sweepstakes.

Esse's foals, even those sired by taller stallions, have always stayed AMHR size. She was a bit difficult to get in foal for the first time, but has foaled nearly every year since then. She is a good mother who has never required any unusual reproductive care.

Unfortunately, Esse foundered while on pasture in 2021. We don't know why; she was not too heavy. Since recovering, she has done very well and has graduated to mostly un-supervised turn out. She does have some degree of rotation and definitely requires regular hoof trims. However she walks and trots quite well and has not been sore footed again since 2021.

See this video taken in late November 2023. She is moving the same now. Please cut/paste into a browser window to view.

She did miss foaling in 2023, but we believe her to be in foal to Tibbs King Cobra for 2024. Never a pocket pony, Esse prefers to live with a group of mares, rather than in a stall. Once haltered, she is not difficult to deworm, trim etc.

Pictured left is Esse's daughter, Rhapsody's Crème de la Creme, whom we are retaining, and Della's 2023 stallion colt.

Esse's price reflects her status as a "special needs" pony. If you have any questions about her, do let us know.




Rhapsody's Custom Ink
ASPC #171607

Sire: Rhapsody's Custom Chrome
Dam: Rhapsody's Flashy Lady

Pictured left showing as a three year old in 2023, we call this lovely mare Rita. She did well in her first season showing as an Over Classic. She measured approximately 44 inches.

We are cutting our numbers somewhat in 2024 and have two full sisters, which is the reason we decided to offer this lovely mare. Rita is easy to get along with and tries to please.