Rhapsody Geldings

These are the boys we have kept back just to play with. If you want a no-stress show weekend, there's nothing like a gelding !!

  Cosmopolitan Jazz

Rhapsody's Cos-Mo-Politan Jazz

Cosmo is a son of Verba Shetlands' great stallion, Harbrooks Mo Mischief.  Shown for two seasons by Robbie Barth, Cosmo finished his Classic Shetland Hall of Fame in Halter and did very well in harness.  He is a fun pony to have around and play with.

  Photo: Washburn Photography, 2008    
  Aston Martin

Rhapsody's Aston Martin

Another Comanche son, Martin is the darkest gold palomino we have ever raised. We are asked so often "What color is he?", we've begun to describe him as chocolate palomino.

Martin is just beginning his show career as a Classic gelding, but he loves to travel and takes everything in stride. He is a really fun companion pony.


Rhapsody's Sierra Smoke

Smoke is a 2010 son of Hollywood. He has a wonderful disposition and learns anything new easily. We began showing Smoke in the foundation halter division in 2012, and began driving him later that year.