Rhapsody's Regal Surprise


2005 AMHR Halter Hall of Fame
2016 AMHR Superior Dam

Sire: Rudolph's Golden Comanche
Dam: Royal Cherry Surprise
  Regal Surprise


One of our prized Comanche daughters, Regal spent several years with Renee Bush on the show trail. We're glad to have her home now and are so pleased with her first several foals.


  Regal Surprise

Regal is in foal to Headliner for 2021.

The Produce of Regal Surprise . . .
  Reigning Gold

Rhapsody's Reigning Gold (HOF)
Sire: Rhapsody's Reign Man

Regal's first foal for us was a lovely little palomino filly.

  Noble Heir

Rhapsody's Noble Heir (HOF)
Sire: Rhapsody's Fashion Heir

Regal's 2012 foal, Noble Heir is a very fancy ASPC gelding, pictured here at the 2015 Shetland Congress, and was named Grand Champion Classic Gelding at the 2016 Shetland Congress.

  Reign King

Rhapsody's Reign King (HOF)
Sire: Rhapsody's Reign Man

Regal's 2013 foal was a chromed-up sorrel stallion.  LOVED watching him all summer - he was king of the pasture :-)


Rhapsody's Regalia
Sire: Rhapsody's Fashion Heir

Sweet Reggie as a yearling in 2015. Conditioned & presented that year by Renee Bush.

  Color Me Impressed

Rhapsody's Color Me Impressed
Sire: Rhapsody's Impressive Heir

Another fancy double registered stallion from Regal in 2016.

  Color Me Impressed

Rhapsody's Little Porsche
Sire: Rhapsody's Turbo-Charged

Porsche is such a pretty little mare, and just as sweet to be around. She did very well as a weanling at 2018 AMHR Nationals.