2017 Foals


The foals we are expecting in 2017 are listed below.  

Mares bred to Fashion Heir (ASPC/AMHR):

Rhapsody's Sweet Lolita (ASPC/AMHR)
Rhapsody's Sierra Mist (ASPC)

Mares bred to Turbo-Charged (ASPC/AMHR):

Rhapsody's Paris the Heiress (ASPC/AMHR)
B&L's Rock "E" Elegant Lady (ASPC)
Rhapsody's Super Twinkie (ASPC/AMHR)
Baileyeez On The Rox EGF (ASPC)

Mares bred to Impressive Heir (ASPC/AMHR):

Royal Cherry Surprise (ASPC/AMHR)

Mares bred to X-treme Creme (ASPC):

Bella Sera EDV (ASPC)
Clayburys Essence of Reign (ASPC/AMHR)

Mares bred to Hollywood (ASPC):

Rhapsody's All Doll'd Up (ASPC)

Mares bred to Reign King (ASPC/AMHR):

Rhapsody's Irish Creme (ASPC)

Mares bred to Mr Impressive (ASPC/AMHR):

B&L's Rock "E" Fashionable Lyric (ASPC)
Rhapsody's Flashy Lady (ASPC)
Masters Painted Delite 2000 (ASPC/AMHR)
Royal Hearts A Fire (ASPC/AMHR)
Rhapsody's Golden Sands (ASPC)

Mares bred to King Cobra (ASPC/AMHR):

Rhapsody's Spun Honey (ASPC/AMHR)